Marketing during the coronavirus crisis: finding ‘the new normal’ for your business

This is a time of unprecedented uncertainty and economic dislocation, so marketing needs to walk a fine line. Your brand should not look like you’re ignoring coronavirus, nor should it be seen to be cashing in.

As a business, you need to think and operate smart. You should look to diversify and adapt to change and try and predict what the ‘new normal’ for your business will look like. And therefore, where new opportunities will come from.

When you listen to the news and look at what’s happening, you will see how some businesses are adapting. Take airlines for example, they have few passengers, so they have started moving towards cargo-only flights.

Another example came following the widespread school closures, and the way online content for children increased dramatically overnight – from the promotion of games to play in the garden to the way a school delivers home learning to educate its pupils.

Is there such a thing as smart email marketing in a crisis?

I guess it started with messages from airlines and tour operators, but soon every kind of organisation – universities, DIY stores, supermarkets, online retail brands and even a hairdressers you visited a year ago – all sending emails headed ‘COVID-19 update’ and ‘Let’s get through this together.’

Most people were delighted to receive an email from their utility companies, stating that they would keep everything running as normal in the crisis and also how to contact them if you have a problem.

Equally, you were probably happy to receive an email from SKY TV saying they are going to keep the network going and how, if you have any issues, you can rely on them to sort out your problem.

We are Kudos can help you consider the options for an email marketing campaign to a database.

Your marketing strategy needs to be true to your roots

A marketing strategy has never been about guaranteeing a result but improving the likelihood of one – this is particularly true when marketing in a crisis.

We are Kudos has always believed in authenticity. Therefore, our first bit of advice is that whatever you say or do, make sure it’s authentic. Be open and honest, with your customers, your staff and yourself.

Our second piece of advice is to be mindful about how your customers, or potential customers, react to any marketing. Whether in a crisis or not, do not consider it simply from your point of view, put yourself in their shoes.

The next thing is that it isn’t always the right thing to simply push products and services. Sometimes you need to look beyond the ‘quick win’ and consider what your customers are looking for right now, what are their immediate and wider challenges they and their industry sector is facing.

Take the time to also think about the immediate needs of your surrounding community, and how your brand can support their challenges. Be sure that your intentions are genuine and you want to help, rather than capitalise, on what is a tough situation for a lot of people and businesses.

If you feel now is a good time to consider the purpose of your brand, its vision and values, We are Kudos are here to help you find the ‘new normal for your business’.

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