Yappl is a new one-stop shop business-to-business communications provider based in North Derbyshire. With the ability to deliver bespoke, flexible solutions that not only provide their customers with the best coverage in the UK, they also offer amazing cost savings underpinned by great customer service.

Telecoms is such an exciting industry for us to work with, fast-moving and highly technical, one that sees innovation and great customer support as differentiators for Yappl in a crowded market.


Having been appointed to create and deliver the new B2B brand, we held a number of brand workshops so that we would obtain input from a range of key stakeholders.

Based on encouraging feedback to our approach to the challenge, our role expanded beyond the creation of a logo. The revised brief included all elements of how the brand would look, talk and walk. By adopting a positive approach to every aspect of its marketing communication – all underpinned by the introduction of a new strapline: ‘business. better connected – ‘Yappl’ has quickly become a viable alternative to the more established multi-nationals.

A Word From Our Client

We are Kudos continue to work with us to meet our evolving business objectives. Having shaped the vision for our brand, they influenced our thinking and brought us to life. We look forward to working with them in raising our awareness and positioning the brand in front of our target audience.

STEVE HEALD – Managing Director
Yappl Limited

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