The power of soccer

Soccer has the power to unite people or to divide a nation. History tells us it has even been known to transcend conflict – perfectly illustrated in the Monumental Icons statue of the 1917 Christmas truce between German and English troops.

However, over in the USA, the Colorado Rapids Soccer Club is using the power of soccer to change lives for the better. Whether giving access to sport regardless of physical ability or improving health and wellbeing through diet or lifestyle.

Ultimately, at the heart of every brand is a relationship. A football club is no different. It’s about what the community thinks about the club as an organisation. It’s important that when a football club talks to its stakeholders, it does so in a consistent manner – this approach will ensure its brand can be trusted and the relationships it builds are nurtured and developed with its stakeholders.

Soccer. The world’s game.

Founded in 1995, Colorado Rapids are one of Major League Soccers’ original ten charter franchises and the North American team of Kroenke Soccer’s diverse portfolio of sport holdings.

They believe in the power and global language that is the beautiful game. They also support the game’s global mission of building a better future, to lead by example and channel the power of soccer and the influence of the organisation of the game and its stakeholders towards making positive impacts on society and environment.

It all starts at the grassroots

Each year the Rapids lead the way among Colorado’s major league sports franchises in forging the strongest connections off the field at grassroots level with the local community. As a result, the Rapids have established a successful history that has provided a loyal and diverse fan base in what has been voted by the media as the top sports city in America.

In addition to being the Rapids’ home stadium and a shining jewel of soccer-specific stadia in the USA, the surrounding 24-field soccer complex continues to host community-based soccer clinics, camps, leagues and community events that help foster positive development of local youth and adults of all ethnicities and backgrounds, as well as providing the focal point in the Rocky Mountain region for increasing interest and excellence in the game.

Each year, members of the local community and soccer fans can learn directly from the Rapids players and coaches in a true club system about how to play the game with passion, integrity and skill.

Moreover, the collaborative relationships forged by the Rapids with international partner clubs such as English Premier League giants Arsenal Football Club, will further expose soccer fans of all backgrounds to the world’s game through international exhibition matches, business practice exchanges, and youth development opportunities on a global scale.

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